Talent ID Series

Information about the 2017 Series will be posted on this page once available.


2016 Mid-Atlantic Region Junior Talent ID Series


USAT designates events in each region of the U.S. that serve as Junior Talent ID (JTID) Races. The common characteristics of a JTID Race are non-drafting, sprint distance, junior-friendly, and scheduled during the summer months to avoid school conflicts. JTID Races serve as an entry point for many young athletes into USAT’s talent identification pipeline. They are a great place to get noticed by your Talent ID Coordinator, to meet other teens who share an interest in triathlon, and to earn an Age Group National Ranking when not competing in the Junior Elite Series.

2016 Races

Date Event Location Register
April 2 Smithfield Sprint Smithfield, VA http://www.vtsmts.com/
May 1 East Coast Triathlon Festival Richmond, VA http://www.endorphinfitness.com/races-events/east-coast-triathlon-festival/
May 1
Huntersville Sprint Triathlon Huntersville, NC http://jonesracingcompany.com/huntersville-sprint-triathlon/
May 22
General Smallwood Sprint Indian Head, MD http://www.vtsmts.com/
June 18
Bath County Triathlon Bath County, VA http://www.vtsmts.com/
July 16 Tidewater Triathlon Hampton, VA http://www.vtsmts.com/
September 11 Patriots Sprint Williamsburg, VA http://www.vtsmts.com/
September 18 The 14.06 Manassas, VA http://www.triitnow.com/
October 2 Watermans Sprint Rock Hall, MD http://www.vtsmts.com/

Series Overview
The USA Triathlon Mid-Atlantic Region Junior Talent ID Series is designed to foster development of young athletes ages 15-19.* Junior Talent ID Races provide a gateway into the sport of triathlon and a starting point for talent identification. Participants experience triathlon in its traditional, non-drafting format, officiated using USA Triathlon Rules.

The series consists of six independently produced sprint-distance triathlons. Each event has been identified as meeting a set of criteria ensuring the race is optimized for those new to the sport as well as those who wish to compete against the best in the region. All races are non-draft format and spread across the regional states of North Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Delaware and New Jersey.

*Some races in the series allow athletes under the USAT age of 15. Athletes age 13-14 can earn points according to the points schedule below. Depending on participation numbers, series winners in the 13-14 age group may be awarded.

Series Eligibility
The Mid-Atlantic Region Talent ID Series is open to all athletes between the race age of 15 and 19. “Race age” is the athlete’s age on December 31, 2015. Series events are independently operated and entry is not guaranteed. Event directors have the right to limit the number of participants in their event. It is in the athlete’s best interest to register in advance for all of races in which they plan to participate.

Series Scoring
The top 10 finishers at each event will earn points toward a season end tally. The top three athletes in each gender at the end of the series (totaling 6 athletes) will be recognized and awarded. The main purpose of this series is to encourage participation for young athletes, foster excitement in the Mid-Atlantic Region, and ultimately develop competitors into the Olympic pipeline.

Points will be awarded at each event as listed below. The top two scores of each athlete will be tallied to determine standings for the overall series. Athletes need to participate in two or more events to be eligible for series awards.

In the event of a tie between two or more athletes, the athlete who completed the most events will prevail. Ties will only be broken for the top three overall places in the series. Series results will be updated and posted on the USAT Mid-Atlantic Region Juniors page (https://usatmajuniors.wordpress.com/talent-id-series/). Overall series winners will be announced following the final race of the series.

Point Breakdown
1st place in age group = 60 points
2nd place in age group = 50 points
3rd place in age group = 42 points
4th place in age group = 35 points
5th place in age group = 30 points
6th place in age group = 25 points
7th place in age group = 20 points
8th place in age group = 15 points
9th place in age group = 10 points
10th place in age group = 5 points
11th place and beyond = 1 point

Race Cancellations and Alterations
If an event is altered to a duathlon or aquathlon format, points will still be awarded. If a race is changed to a run-only format or canceled, no points will be awarded for that event.

Series Questions
Any questions regarding the Mid-Atlantic Region Talent ID Race Series should be directed to Christy Lausch, USA Triathlon Mid-Atlantic Talent Identification Coordinator at clausch@usat-ma.org.


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