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2017 Grant Opportunities

As in years past, the Mid-Atlantic Region will be providing Junior athlete grants. This may be the final year that this will be offered, as the grant and funding opportunities are expanding at the National level.

Below is the PDF for the 2017 Mid-Atlantic Region Junior athlete grant.


In addition, below is a link to the grant funding opportunities that are available through USA Triathlon.

Thanks, and let me know if you have any questions.




2017 Mid-Atlantic Talent ID Series

The Mid-Atlantic Region has hosted a successful Talent ID Series over the past several years. The series has supported youth and junior athletes in their engagement and development in the sport.

Early in 2017, USA Triathlon announced their new strategic initiatives. Once of the initiatives is building opportunities for High School program. With this focus, the Talent ID Series is being sunset and will be replaced with new opportunities race in High School friendly events. See the link below for more information about the program.

If you are a race director, please contact me for more information about how to participate and support this program.

If you are an athlete, parent or coach please be sure to follow the USAT Mid-Atlantic Region on FaceBook and Twitter for upcoming announcements about the program.



Winners of the 2016 USAT Mid-Atlantic Talent ID Series

Congratulations to the winners of the USA Triathlon Mid-Atlantic Talent ID Series! We had great participation across the Region, and through this expanded athlete base we were able to award top three male and female 15-19 year olds, and top three male and female 13-14 year olds (some categories didn’t receive enough participants to award all three placements).

Attached are the winners of the series, and also a file that includes all of the athletes who participated. Please note that in order to be awarded overall series awards, athletes needed to participate in two or more events. And, in the event of a tie the athlete with more races would prevail.

Winners will be contacted shortly about their awards.

I’m interested in hearing your feedback about the series, scoring, etc. If you have something you would like to share please email me at