2016 Talent ID Series Leaderboard

2016 TIDS Master File_PDF

Attached is the current leaderboard for the 2016 USAT Mid-Atlantic Talent ID Series after the first race in the series – Smithfield Sprint Triathlon.

A few comments on the series scoring:

  • Athletes in 11th place and beyond will be awarded one point.
  • The Series is designed for athletes USAT age 15-19. However, some races allow USAT age 13-14 year olds to participate. These athletes will be scored separately and if there is enough participation at the end of the Series, they will be awarded overall as well. Athletes under USAT age 13 will not be awarded points.
  • Athletes must participate in at least two events to count towards overall Series scoring.

Please email clausch@usat-ma.org with questions.